Call Center & IVR

Having a business means constant interaction with clients' complaints, orders, and sales calls. We boost your business with a hosted Call Center solution ofcutting edge technologies, to help you manage your clients' calls, and sales calls. our customized IVR Scripts will be an added value to your sales and complaint systems.

IDS has been in the VoIP and PBX field since 2004, we deliver a wide range of contact center services and call center outsourcing solutions, providing our clients with several services under this section including:

  • Customizing PBX Adding Call Center Capabilities:
    • Simple Real-time dashboard.
    • Call Queue.
    • Online Agents.
    • Call Forwarding to off-site operators.
    • Call Recording (In-Call / Automated).
    • Quality Assurance extensions with Barge-in/Whisper to agent capabilities.
    • ¬†Advanced ACD reports.¬†
  • Adding Customized IVR scripts with Database manipulation/API interaction.
  • Outsourcing Call center services in three languages: Arabic, English, And French from Customer Service to Sales and Technical Support.

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